UK Auto Industry – Strong Numbers

Jonathan DeakinNews

UK Automotive Industry, Domestic DemandDespite a decline in sales for the European automotive industry, UK Automotive Industry sales have recently reached a four year high in both production of vehicles and international exports.

In 2012, Manufacturers based in England had produced 1.46 million cars, of which 1.21 million were shipped abroad.

Both production and exports had increased at 8% and 9% respectively.  This is strong growth, especially after statistics revealed that EU sales had dropped by 17%.

The SMMT expects 2013 to be better yet.

Statistics also reveal that approximately 4 out of every 5 vehicles is exported to another country, however, production was still able to increase due to a growing domestic demand.

Total new car registrations in the UK rose 5.3% in 2012, helping to drive up domestic demand for UK-manufactured cars by 15%.

Of the UK’s car exports in 2012, 50% went to other parts of the EU, with another 15% going to the rest of Europe, 16% went to Asia (of which 8% to China) and 13% to the US, the SMMT said.

However, there have been certain issues; for example the manufacture of commercial vehicles such as trucks and vans fell 6.8% last year due to a decline in universal demand, which again began to steadily rise in December 2012.