About the Design Process

Jonathan DeakinNews

Designers know that they are essentially deciding everything about the product. Their choices have a ripple effect on virtually every aspect of manufacturing after them. This means that everybody else is left to work on the design and nothing more. These tips should help you understand the designing process.

1 – Part Design and Function

The first thing designers consider is how effective the design is. Designers have to consider what’s necessary to ensure that their product is going to function correctly, even if it requires product design assistance. This means deducing what exactly the machine will be used for.

2 – Material Selection

The materials used will always have an effect on the quality of the product. Certain materials react more effectively to certain fabrication methods, and the designer must take this into consideration.

3 – Quality Control and Consistency

There are some fabrication processes which automatically guarantee a high level of quality and consistency, while others don’t. Many don’t realise this, but the processes used have a large effect on the quality of the final product. However, these processes are always going to be a consequence of the design. Quality and cost must be a consideration in every step of the design and development process.