Shougang Developments

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Shougang have announced that they intend to vigorously pursue the development of high end metal materials, alongside four other key industries, as they look to expand their operations in China and Beijing specifically. The company hope this expansion will see them achieve revenues of CNY100bn by 2015, with a reliance on the steel industry combined with land planning and development … Read More

Ethiopian Industry to Replace Presswork

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The chief overseers of Ethiopia’s metal industry, the Metal Engineering Industry Development Institute, have said that they intend to pursue a policy of replacing imported metal presswork products with local and domestic metal products within the next five years. The statement was made by Director General Getahun Tadele while presenting the institute’s 1st quarter performance report. He pointed out that … Read More

Turkish Price Index up 1%

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In line with a general rise in the producer price index for Turkish industry in general, the metal and metal presswork industries have seen an increase, with a general rise over the last twelve months, including a rise between October 2010 and November 2010. During November the PPI for the country’s domestic metal industry increased by 0.98% over October’s statistics, with … Read More

Chinese Metals Announcement

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China’s Nonferrous Metals Industry Association have submitted their industrial plan for the nonferrous metal press works and metal production sector, with the Five-Year Plan stating that the combined output of 10 nonferrous metals, including copper, aluminium and lead, will be limited to 41 million tons. The plan will also place focus on the development of rare metals, limiting the combined … Read More

Base Metals Price Rises

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The price of base metals has risen today due, in part, to better than expected Chinese trade figures that have been posted despite the country’s central bank revealing it will increase its reserve ratio for the third time in the face of inflation. Copper was the main metal imported by China, who are the world’s largest consumer of the metal … Read More

Sunlight absorbing metal discovered

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Scientists are claiming to have discovered a new metal that can be utilised by metal press works to create the next generation of solar panels. Why is it so special? Because this new metal can apparently absorb sunlight and store it as heat energy until such a time as it is needed for use. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of … Read More

Metal Thefts Threaten Social Cohesion

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The head of a group who have been set up to investigate and prevent metal works thefts in Wales have claimed that the problem is so bad that it threatens social cohesion, with the thefts costing almost £6m a year in Wales as well as threatening the electrical supplies of a number of regions in the city. Now councils and … Read More

Copper Value Rises

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The value of copper rose on Tuesday, making metal press works and sheet metal works with copper slightly more valuable and expensive in the process. The rise comes as a result of concerns about supply as the metal becomes more difficult to obtain and the euro trimmed losses as risk sentiment rose. The benchmark cost for copper on the London … Read More

IT Industry Braces for Shortage

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The IT industry has been told to brace itself for a potential shortage in rare metals if hardware vendors continue to rely on such precious materials as gallium, hafnium and indium. IT disposal firm Sims Recycling Solutions claims the use of these metals in chips, semiconductors and LCD screens will lead to a widespread shortage in just a matter of … Read More

Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

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The current opinion amongst experts in the sheet metal and metal press insdustry is that process plants will be much more environmentally friendly by 2020 when compared to their present day counterparts. A greater use of automation coupled with intelligent systems and devices, such as pumps, compressors and heat exchangers, will lead to the whole process being much greener in the … Read More