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"It would be true to say that The Friary Group are one of our most important suppliers and have always offered high quality parts at highly competitive prices."



services1Friary Metal Products produce a large selection of components for companies involved in the manufacture of a wide range of end user products. Our customer quality needs are exacting and always met.


The specific services which we offer include:

  • 55 power press ranging from 6 tonnes to 150 tonnes
  • A full range of fly presses to perform secondary operations
  • Tapping facilities
  • Full barrelling / electro deburring
  • Tapping facilities
  • Drilling and countersinking facilities
  • Spot welding facilities
  • Projection welding facilities
  • In house tool room to maintain and refurbish our customers press tools.



We produce components from all types of metals, including Mild Steel, aluminium (1050. 6053, 2014t6) brass, copper, stainless steel (304 2B 316) and spring steel.

We currently have work finished in Electrophoretic paint / Powder Coating / Delta Tone / Protekt 100 / Zinc Nickel (CR6 free) / Delta Tone 9000.

Quality Control

We are approved by Lloyds Register Quality assurance to ISO 9001/2008.

Approval certificate number LRQ0953986.

Our original approval date was the 26th of November 1996. Our certification is kept current.

Benjamin Smith also qualified in September 2008 as a Six Sigma Green belt after implementing an improvement project within the business.

"Quality is the key to success, and the foundation which our continued success is built on."