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Below are some of the products we make. To find out more about any of these products, get in touch.

British lazy tong security road trap system

Vehicle arresting technology.

The British Lazy Tong is a product which has been supplied around the globe to assist in the implementation of Military Operations for over 40 years. With the sad passing of Roy Lowndes earlier this year, the rights to produce and sell this established product have been passed over to FMP.

The British Lazy Tong is a road trap vehicle arresting system that was first created in conjunction with the MOD in the early 60’s, primarily as a means of stopping cars in Northern Ireland, whilst using as little violence as possible.

With over 10’000 units deployed worldwide this is a tried and tested method of creating a temporary road block. Although there are products which replicate the effect of The British Lazy Tong there are none that have the reliability or durability of our product.

The British Lazy Tong is a proven and safe way of stopping vehicles. It has been in application around the world for over 40 years.


Overall specification

  • 23 foot lazy tong assembly;
  • Overall length of lazy tong is 23 foot (7010 mm) once expanded;
  • Assembly consists of 32 sections of 30 mm wide x 5 mm thick aluminium section;
  • Each section has 10 spikes attached to it;
  • Aluminium expanding section produced from 6082t6 material;
  • Overall weight of the british lazy tong approximately 9.43 kilos;
  • The lazy tong is supplied with 2 off polyester ropes // one at 20 foot long and one at 46 foot long // in application the person secures one side of the lazy tong to the road with the 20 foot rope and then they wait on the other side of the road and use the 46 foot length to pull the lazy tong across the road;
  • Overall size of assembly, once boxed, will be 615 mm x 480 mm x 105 mm;
  • The stakes which secure the lazy tong are produced from aluminium angle specification 6082t6;
  • The spike is produced from zinc alloy a to bs1004 and is 50 mm long (working area);
  • This product has previously been supplied to nato in Bosnia, Africa, Norway, Northern Ireland.



Highly accurate Aluminium light weight components produced for Prosthetic Hands.

We produce these parts from L167 2014 T6 aluminium to offer both the strength, durability, that is required for parts which are so important to the end user.

The components are produced to high tolerances of +/- 0.01 mm on general tolerances and +/- 0.5° on the angular dimensions.

Hole sizes are produced to a tolerance of +0.05 mm to – 0.00 mm.

The parts are also heat treated to a solution & age harden finish to achieve the T6 condition and a hardness of 140 HV.


Pivot bar and pivot bar carriers.

These highly accurate parts are used in the manufacture of window systems. The gauge of the parts has to be of a very high tolerance, +/- 0.002" on the 1.55mm CR4 material and +/- 0.1mm on the HRP1 material which is bought at 4.9 - 5.1 mm thick.

All general dimensions are +/-0.25mm.

We finish the parts in a Delta Protekt VP KL 100 finish which gives 480 hours salt spray resistance.


Automotive components for Toyota

High quality and very accurate assembly parts for the automotive industry. These products were supplied to BOS Automotive Products for assembly into parts for Jaguar Cars and Toyota.

Both products were produced from CR1 EDDQ gauge correct mild steel with a tolerance on the material itself of +/- 0.05 mm. Using a 10 stage production operation to produce the actual pressing, the parts were then assembled using a Spin Riveter.

There was a 14 stage quality control checking procedure to ensure the high tolerances required on these parts were achieved, which were general tolerances of +/- 0.2 mm.