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The Lazy Tong


"It would be true to say that The Friary Group are one of our most important suppliers and have always offered high quality parts at highly competitive prices."


New Work for 2011

I am pleased to announce we have secured an order from a brand new client, FIBREVISION Limited.

After working with FIBREVISION to help design a new part for their operating systems all of us at Friary are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with our newest customer.

Benjamin Smith

Sales Director.

Stainless steel Prices continue to rise

Market update

 Stainless Steel prices have followed the growth in commodities and continued upwards. European mills have increased both surcharges and base prices as demand remains strong. Lead times have extended and some market shortages are evident. 

General demand for stainless steel has grown across all sectors and regions; this has strengthened the demand for Nickel which this week hit a 34 month high over $29,000 per tonne on the LME. Surcharges which are calculated monthly reflect values of commodities and their effect on stainless steel based on price and content, at around 8 – 10% Nickel is a key element. Listed below are the surcharges for March all of which show an increase of between £90 and £151

304 1700 GBP

316 2644 GBP

*note these apply on top of base prices

In addition a base price increase for April deliveries was announced by European manufacturers of £80 per tonne. This means that by April a total increase of £170 per tonne for 304 and £231 for 316 materials.

With demand forecast to continue the outlook is for prices to remain strong throughout the next quarter.

 Other metals including Galvanized Steel, Aluminized Steel and Aluzinc continue to increase with the Vice Chairman of Tata steel one of the world’s biggest steel producers forecasting this week that “steel prices will increase further”.


FMP Launch New Web Site

The Friary Group of Birmingham are happy to announce the launch of our New Web Site from the 2nd November 2010.

The site is designed to demonstrate the modern and forward thinking attitude at FMP as well as to give a clear indication of the high levels of quality and high commitment to customer service which we constantly achieve.

If you view the site you will see the different products which we produce as well as the services which we offer.

Benjamin Smith, Sales Director writes:

"In the modern world of the internet scouring, a strong on line presence is essential to the continued growth of our company. It is our belief that by launching our new website, and working closely with our SEO provider, we will be able to benefit from the advantages that electronic procurement can bring to our customers."


Lazy Tong Product Launch

news-lazytongThe British Lazy Tong is a product which has been supplied around the globe to assist in the implementation of Military Operations for over 40 years. With the sad passing of Roy Lowndes earlier this year, the rights to produce and sell this established product have been passed over to FMP.

The British Lazy Tong is a road trap vehicle arresting system that was first created in conjunction with the MOD in the early 60’s, primarily as a means of stopping cars in Northern Ireland, whilst using as little violence as possible.

With over 10’000 units deployed worldwide this is a tried and tested method of creating a temporary road block. Although there are products which replicate the effect of The British Lazy Tong there are none that have the reliability or durability of our product. Find out more here.

To trial this product please contact Benjamin Smith on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Fred Retires after 23 years of service, driving for FMP.

After 23 years of service, our friend and colleague Fred Thacker has eventually hung up his keys, and retired at the age of 82. Yes, 82… they don’t make them like they used to! We would like to thank Fred for his help over the years and wish him a long and happy retirement.


Continued Pressure from Increased Material costs.

The cost of all material continues to rise as the year progresses. Across the range of Mild Steel, HR, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Brass we have seen sharp increases throughout the year. A deal struck by the mining companies in March of this year to use a new pricing system saw a 90% rise in the price paid to mining companies. The previous system relied on an annual price agreement, where as now the costs are set quarterly.

On the home front there are several reasons for these increases but primarily it is felt that The Mils are trying to increase the price paid for steel in a simple attempt to increase their profitability. There is much doubt if the industry will be able to sustain these increases, and fears are surfacing that these increases will halt any positive growth that has occurred during Q1 and Q2 of 2010. In general a 5-10% increase in mild steel costs is expected. The situation in the precious metal market is worse. the cost of Brass has risen by 20.3% in the last 12 months.

These increases do not just affect the manufacturing sector. The Construction sector also relies heavily on steel products. Alasdair Reisner, head of industry affairs at the Civil Engineering Contractors Association said "Where contractors have agreed to contracts with a fixed price for steel, they may end up losing money if steel prices escalate beyond expectations."

Benjamin Smith says…"These are worrying times for an already fragile industry. At FMP we hope to work closely with our customers to keep these increases to a minimum. Historically, once the market can no longer take this pressure then prices fall back to a more realistic level and these decreases can be passed on to our customers."